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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A typical Spring morning patrol

Our morning patrols usually begin checking out the vege patch for any signs of overnight visitors, then on to the corral in the house paddock.
Tom & Elisabeth in the vege garden
Raja & Sammy checking bush

Then once we have established security around the corral, we take some time out for a lie-down in the sunshine.
Back to front: Sammy, Raja, Elisabeth (left) Thomas (right)
Thomas on patrol
When we've finished soaking up the sunrays, we finish our patrol and go inside. Sometimes we dawdle a little on the way though.
Elisabeth giving Raja the "hurry up"

Motorcade for Inigo Flufflebum

At 4pm NZ time on Sunday 20 November our hearts were broken when our sweet pal @InigoFufflebum went Over The Rainbow Bridge.
Inigo Flufflebum
Friends gathered to sit shiva and say Kaddish, or to share reminisces about Inigo, offer condolences and seek comfort. The #BadBoyzOfTwitter & #PinkAngels joined together to form a motorcade to escort Inigo to the sweet meadow at the start of the Rainbow Bridge.
Part of the #BadBoyzOfTwitter's motorcade in honour of Inigo
There, we handed Inigo over to the care of @PepiSmartDog, who gently placed him into his pram and took him Over The Rainbow Bridge.
Inigo in the hand of an angel by @ChatteMuse

A Farewell to Ryker_Tyker

It was with heavy hearts that the #BadBoyzOfTwitter gathered on 15 November, joining with other anipals to pay respect to the family of @Ryker_Tyker, who was taken from us so suddenly that day.

Ryker wearing his hand-made necklace

Friends got together to sit shiva and say Kaddish ...
Sheet the mirrors. Set free the butterfly by @ChatteMuse
... and of course @PepiSmartDog was there to greet Ryker and to wheel him in his pram over the Bridge to family and friends waiting on the other side
Last glimpse, luminous blue downfloat. Forever heart-held, so loved. Deepest sorrow by @ChatteMuse

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween Videos

My fur-siblings and I got together and made a video for Nan & Pop to celebrate Halloween. It was a great hit so we're sharing it with you:
Click to view our Monster Mash video!
Darius is the Monster; Sammy is the Wolfman, I'm playing Doctor Frankenstein; Raja is Dracula and Elisabeth plays Elvira.

Plus, some of my pals on Twitter and I made another Halloween video that's pretty good:
Click to view Twitter Pals on Halloween video
Left to right: Me as Dracula; @bensonthehusky is the Monster; @Keely_Bobs (my Princess) is the Witch; @DakatoBDog is the Mummy and @furbabys as Elvira

Bad Boyz Of Twitter

I am very proud to be a member of the @BadBoyzOfTwitter. We are a group of anipals who are ready at a moment's notice to help any other animal, wherever it is in the world, in any way we can. We have members from around the world, many with special talents (they be a secret so I can't divulge them here).
@FreshOtis @LeoPussMan @PuppyNumber7-which is me! @TigerBoyTheCat @ToughTeddyBear @TabbyTezTweets
@Keely_Bobs & Me on our Harley outside her place 9 November 2010
Me & @Keely_Bobs driving along the UK coast 11 November 2010
My angel is a member of the #PinkAngels (isn't she adorable??)
My brother Raja and his girlfriend Hannah out on a ride 12 November 2010 - Raja is an unofficial member of the #BadBoyzOfTwitter

Star Trekking

Star Date 68463.2 Captain's Log.
Big celebrations today as we welcomed Lieutenant Otis to the crew!

left Newly commissioned Otis @FreshOtis with Bridge Crew: @Tigerboythecat as Scotty, @DakotaBDog as Spock, @Puppynumber7 as Kirk, @Baxter_man as Bones, @BetteBrittany Lt Uhura, @LeopussMan as Chekov and @RealJoannek (Ted) as Sulu
To boldly go where no man one anipal has gone before!

Star Date 64336.7 Captain's Log.
The Starship PAWS (Pets Against Wiffy Snausages)
Snausages, the Tastiest Frontier. These are the voyages of PAWS, it's never-ending mission to explore new ways to obtain snausages, to seek out new kinds of snausage, to boldly eat every snausage offered.

Star Trek PAWS: back row @RealJoannek (Ted) as Sulu, @BetteBrittany as Lt Uhura, @TigerboyTheCat as Montgomery Scott (Scotty); front row @LeoPussMan as Chekov, @Baxter_man as Leonard McCoy (Bones), @Puppynumber7 (me) as James T Kirk and @DakotaBDog as Spock

<camera pans the Officer's Mess then narrows in to the Captain and officers, who are busy eating snausages. Kirk reaches for another snausage but McCoy's paw reaches at the same time. They both stop inches from the last snausage.>
"Well doctor, shall we fight for it?" laughs Kirk. "In some countries, battles are fought for much less" McCoy dryly relates. Neither paw gives way to the other. "How do you suggest we settle this, doctor?" Kirk asks. "Like the intelligent and logical people we are", McCoy retorts. He turns to Spock, "Well? What does logic dictate, Mr Spock?" Spock looks up from his game of 3D chess. He takes the last snausage and eats it quickly. "Logic, doctor, doesn't come into the equation when I'm hungry!" Spock turns back to his chess game. McCoy and Kirk look at each other and laugh. <camera pans out>

Engagement Party photos

We've been looking at some photos of our friends enjoying themselves at our Engagement Party held at Disneyland:
My fiancee, Keely (@Keely_Bobs) looking particularly lovely in her Princess gown.

@yellowlabmaggie with Cheshire Cat (waiving to @UrbanGunDog we suspect)
@Baxter_man & @furbabys on the Dumbo Ride
@RealJoannek (Ted) with @Tabbyteztweets also enjoying Dumbo

@BindytheBeagle and @Stephieblue joined in the Fairytale March!

@SadLovelyHeart with Mickey Mouse

@GrahamGuideDog and @Tikitikitempo meet Mickey

@FiveSibesMom 5 huskies on the train!

@PrimeBeagle in a hurry at Ariel's Grotto

@MollyBrnBeagle @Chloe10Beagle @RosieBaseagle looking sweet in a tea cup

@SantinaKitteh & Laddiecat with Toad

@DakotaBDog with Mickey

@Bordercolliex & @Chelleloulou (Kye) with Alice & Mad Hatter (love those legs!)

@BearBearD (guest of honour) with Mickey
@Archiekib with Snow White (wonder what he just said?)
@Lily_the_torti on the carousel

Tea cup kitties: @pumpkinpuddy ?Who is this kitty? @IamTammyCat @ShaynaCat @TigerBoyTheCat @LilyLuWhoT

Proud to Announce an Engagement

I am so happy ... on 13 October 2010 my beautiful girlfriend Keely consented to be my forever partner. We have set our wedding for 21 February 2011, which is also my 4th birthday.
The princess of my heart, Keely

We held our Engagement Party on 5 November 2010 at Disneyland:
Keely & me at Disneyland for Engagement Party on 5 November 2010
Many of our Twitter friends attended, breakfasting at Ariel's Grotto before enjoying the Park and its attractions:
Program for Engagement Party at Disneyland
During the breakfast, we toasted our special friend Bear, without whom we might never have met:
Toast to Bear at Engagement Breakfast
We also toasted my darling angel, Keely (@Keely_Bobs on Twitter):
Toast to Keely at Engagement Breakfast

Night Visitors - Foxes?

Over the last week we dogs have been very interested in something we can smell coming from around the horse corral during the evenings. We can't get out to the corral but we make Nan & Pop aware that there is something out there. Then in the mornings when Nan takes us for our "patrol", we make a mad dash to the corral to inspect any evidence left behind by the night visitors. In particular, our attention is usually riveted on a few bushes. Nan suspects the visitors are foxes.
Sammy & Thomas sniffing bushes, November 2010
Before we dogs came to live here, Nan said they had foxes around regularly at night. She still occasionally sees one or two. Usually they are trotting down the paddocks on the far boundary of our place, but she hasn't seen them up near the house since Sammy arrived.
Raja & Thomas, November 2010

The Olympics 2012 - Woogling for Gold

Brother Raja and I have joined the Twitter Olympics 2012 Woogling Team in an attempt to bring home the gold! Here I am practising while Raja takes some tips from me:
Thomas Woogling in November 2010
Then it's time for Raja to show us what he's got:
Raja Woogling in November 2010