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How I came to be here

My Mama, Sammy, very pregnant
My mama Sammy had been lost/dumped and in December 2006 was living at the bottom of Nan & Pop's farmlet, stealing their chook eggs for food (they had been blaming a resident brown snake for the thefts). Their closest neighbours had seen her hanging around our horse stables when they drove past. They came over a few days before Christmas and asked if Nan or Pop had noticed her, but they hadn't. They said that she had been around for a week or so, playing with their female dogs. So they went to find her, and on Xmas Eve, they did.

Being the holiday season, they didn't think they would have any luck finding a new home for Sammy, and the Pound was out of the question. After a day or two they discovered that she had been badly treated; she would cower if they picked up a string or rope. So they decided that they wouldn't try to find her original home. Instead, they decided that she was so nice and friendly, they would adopt her. She was the first dog for our family.

In the New Year a trip to the Vet was arranged, and that was when they found out that she was pregnant. Somehow there seemed no option but that she be allowed to deliver the pups, and on 21 February 2007 eight healthy puppies arrived.

Sammy "woogling"
Sammy was about a year old and the Vet told Nan & Pop that she was about 95% Kelpie with maybe something else in her, like Lab. She is quiet (usually), calm, intelligent, loving and loyal, and has had cattle dog training.

We have no idea who our father is, mama is keeping that to herself. We pups were either black & white like me, or back with a tiny bit of white like my sister Elisabeth. The Vet said there might have been two fathers involved, or only one. He did believe though that our father was a Border Collie.

Nan & Pop kept me & Elisabeth and found loving homes for the others. However, in November that year Raja was returned to us. His family were having problems controlling him, and they had moved to a property that wasn't really suited for a big-ish dog. Nan & Pop took him back and started looking for another home for him. But it was so close to Xmas, and they were being very picky about who he went to, that we still had him with us in the New Year. By that time Nan & Pop had fallen in love with him all over again, and he became part of the family. They have no problem controlling him, and say he is an absolute delight and very affectionate. Ironic really, because when we were born Nan was going to keep Raja for herself, but then I was born and she realised that I was her dog. Now she has both of us!