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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tropical Evening Chorus

Sometimes during this time of the year there's no point in Nan & Pop having the TV going 'cos they can't hear it for the songs of the frogs, toads and crickets. The noise is even worse after rainfall and during the evening. Nan & Pop like the noise though because it is a sound of the tropics; reminiscent of balmy evenings, salt pools and palm trees.

Nan has taken a video just so that you can listen to these tropical noises for yourself. She stood just outside the family room sliding door. This is what we hear. Make sure you've got your sound on!

It took some time and a number of reference books but Nan has identified the types of frogs and toad responsible for those noises.When she can she will post their names and pics.


  1. That's so cool!!! I think I might be a bit scared though... they sound kind of big and ferocious those ones with deep voices! Is the fence to keep them out of your house?
    Thanks for sharing your noises with us.
    Love Teagan xx

  2. Wow - they is really noisy. Living in the city, we don't hear noises like dat anymore. M says she remembers hearing noises like dat before our area was so built up. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow. That certainly perked up my ears! I guess the frogs and toads have declared your house a party house! Cool!

  4. My ears are perked listening to dat! Thanks fur sharing. purrrrrr...

  5. Wow! It is sort of rhythmic. I started looking outside to see where the noise was coming from. Mom better let me out soon. I think we may have frogs out back!!!

  6. Oh man, that was WILD! O.O Sounds like zombie mating season ;)