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Puppy photos

My siblings and I were born on Wednesday 21 February 2007. My Nan was with my Mama all the way through the 8 births and helped with some of them. When I was born, Mama was tired so Nan took my sac off and rubbed me. She said I took the biggest little breath, and then I was here.
Colette *left* and me, 1 week old

I'm middle, left. Colette is above me, Adam, Evie & Elisabeth below me. Bear is above Sammy. Raja & Elsie are under Sammy.
Colette (bottom left), Me (top left), Adam (middle), Evie (bottom right), Elisabeth (top right)
Colette (left) and me

Me at 10 days old

Raja, 12 days old
Raja, 2 weeks old
Me (left), Bear & Elisabeth

Bear and me, 2 peas in a pod

Me (left) and Colette at 2 weeks old

Me (left), Colette (top), Adam

At the milk bar

More milk bar action

Look at all those cute little puppy backsides!
I'm on top; Evie's under me, looking at the camera (almost 3 weeks old)
left to right: Elisabeth, Me, Bear, Elsie, Raja, Evie, Colette, Adam
left to right: Bear, Elsie (hanging head over box), Evie, Adam, Me on my back, Colette up in top right corner

Starting with me at 9 o'clock, going clockwise: Me, Elisabeth, Colette, Raja, Elsie, Adam, Bear, Evie
That's Raja's face in front, hanging over Elsie. I'm at the back top, facing forward with my head going right over Evie. Elisabeth is top left.  There are 8 puppies in there.
Me at 7 weeks old
Elisabeth at 4 weeks old

Me at front with my head out of the basket, Raja on his back in the middle, Colette

Me enjoying a stretch

Evie (left) and me

Adam (left) and Elisabeth on top of Bear

Me chewing up stump

Elisabeth at 7 weeks

Raja at 7 weeks
Colette (left) & Raja