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Over the Rainbow Bridge

6 November 1997 - 4 January 2011
Click for a: Short farewell video

My kitty brofur Darius died this morning. He was Nan & Pop's first Australian pet. He was 13 years old. He was born at Grandpop's place in Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland and could climb the clothes basket before he could walk. Nan called him Darius to keep in with the Egyptian theme of his Mama (her name was Isis). He weighed a massive 13kg and people would say you could saddle and ride him in the Derby. Isis used to weigh 4kg.

He wasn't waiting in the kitchen when Nan got up this morning, even though he was fine last night and had nommed his dinner as usual. When he hadn't showed up by the time she had taken us doggies on morning patrol and let the chickens out, she knew there was something wrong. She found him in the pool garden, curled up in a sheltered spot. He looked so peaceful she thought he was asleep and called him, twice.

We don't know why he died. He was fine at his last vet visit and was active, ravenous and affectionate right up to the end.

We have buried him beneath the black cat statue in a favourite shady kitty hang-out where lots of birds play in the trees.


Meanwhile, Pepi Smart Dog in his golden pram carried Darius over the rainbow to the awaiting welcoming banquet:

He was Nan's "big little guy" and will always be loved and remembered while he plays "somewhere, over the rainbow".