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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queensland Floods (2)

After a night and morning of more rain, we took advantage of a break in the weather to take a couple of videos of our property:

Our dam is often dry but sometimes has enough water in it that the dogs can paddle and/or swim. We have never seen it with this much water in it

We are basically OK here, in that we have to deal with surface flooding which could come in the house, but we are on top of a hill and the likelihood of high flood waters reaching us are remote.


  1. We just feel so bad for everyone in your country who has been affected by the flooding. Hope you and your family stay safe and the water stay away from you.

  2. Oh man! What a mess. We'll keep the prayers going. Thanks for the update. Hope your house comes through this okay.

  3. DUSTY: Scribe & Pop are amazed by the videos. Keeping you and all affected by the floods & rain in their prayers.
    HURLEY: Stay away from that water, Tom! Stay safe!

  4. Got my paws crossed for you to stay safe. Houses can be or replaced. You're irreplaceable my pal.

  5. Thanks for this Puppy. Being on top on a hill should help! Keeping my paws folded that you and all our downunder friends stay safe.