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Monday, January 10, 2011

Queensland Floods (1)

Australians are battlers. They come from a long line of battlers, many of whom fought crippling heat, burning sun and withering droughts to carve out a home and living in what is often an inhospitable but beautiful land. And between times of sometimes barely endurable conditions, Mother Nature often threw in a deluge of water big enough to fill Sydney Harbour so many times over.

Some news video footage on the Toowoomba flash flood 10 January 2011

Some news video of aftermath of same Toowoomba flash flood 10 January 2011

Toowoomba is at the top of a mountain range. At the moment there is a 7m high wall of water coming down that mountain and towards the small towns below, eg Gatton, Lockyer. And the news is reporting huge mudslides crashing down the Toowoomba range.

It has been raining for days now but the long term forecast is good and shows easing. We are OK in these floods as we are on top of a hill. But our heart goes out to our neighbours who have been affected and we hope they & their animals stay safe and out of harm's way until the waters recede.


  1. Oh dear friend. We feel so very bad for your country and all the oomans and anipals dat are suffering or dat have been washed out to sea. We didn't know you lived over there too. So happy you are safe at least.

  2. I'm keeping my paws crossed & prayers for you & your countrymen. Mama prays for strength, endurance, safety & wisdom for you & all of Australia in your battle against nature. We are shocked & saddened by the destruction & loss, but we are watching with hope in our hearts.