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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Engagement Party photos

We've been looking at some photos of our friends enjoying themselves at our Engagement Party held at Disneyland:
My fiancee, Keely (@Keely_Bobs) looking particularly lovely in her Princess gown.

@yellowlabmaggie with Cheshire Cat (waiving to @UrbanGunDog we suspect)
@Baxter_man & @furbabys on the Dumbo Ride
@RealJoannek (Ted) with @Tabbyteztweets also enjoying Dumbo

@BindytheBeagle and @Stephieblue joined in the Fairytale March!

@SadLovelyHeart with Mickey Mouse

@GrahamGuideDog and @Tikitikitempo meet Mickey

@FiveSibesMom 5 huskies on the train!

@PrimeBeagle in a hurry at Ariel's Grotto

@MollyBrnBeagle @Chloe10Beagle @RosieBaseagle looking sweet in a tea cup

@SantinaKitteh & Laddiecat with Toad

@DakotaBDog with Mickey

@Bordercolliex & @Chelleloulou (Kye) with Alice & Mad Hatter (love those legs!)

@BearBearD (guest of honour) with Mickey
@Archiekib with Snow White (wonder what he just said?)
@Lily_the_torti on the carousel

Tea cup kitties: @pumpkinpuddy ?Who is this kitty? @IamTammyCat @ShaynaCat @TigerBoyTheCat @LilyLuWhoT

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  1. Looks like you all had a blast. So sorry I missed it.