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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Night Visitors - Foxes?

Over the last week we dogs have been very interested in something we can smell coming from around the horse corral during the evenings. We can't get out to the corral but we make Nan & Pop aware that there is something out there. Then in the mornings when Nan takes us for our "patrol", we make a mad dash to the corral to inspect any evidence left behind by the night visitors. In particular, our attention is usually riveted on a few bushes. Nan suspects the visitors are foxes.
Sammy & Thomas sniffing bushes, November 2010
Before we dogs came to live here, Nan said they had foxes around regularly at night. She still occasionally sees one or two. Usually they are trotting down the paddocks on the far boundary of our place, but she hasn't seen them up near the house since Sammy arrived.
Raja & Thomas, November 2010

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  1. If you have had foxes visiting try rolling in the poo - then Nan would know for sure!